How does it work? How can I make it run faster?

K-means clustering has many potential applications in data analysis problems where relationships among large number of samples need to be discovered. The concept behind the technique is quite simple and therefore also very flexible, it can be used alone with many possible configurations or in conjunction with other machine learning…

How to find three sums most efficiently

Three sum is a popular algorithm question, it’s complexity lower bound has important implications in many related problems. Let’s take a look.

Two Sums

Start out simple

The simplest way to solve the three sum problem is actually to start out with solving the two sum problem. So let’s try that first.

Applying the dynamic programming techniques to an interesting optimization problem

In this story, we are going to discuss an application of dynamic programming techniques to an optimization algorithm. Through the process of developing an optimal solution, we get to study a variety of programming techniques that leads to better performance (with a surprise at the end!).

Problem Description

The Knapsack problem


Exploring the basics of NLP: Cleaning, NER, POS, Fuzzy String Match

Whenever people talk about Natural Language Processing(NLP), images of fancy machine learning models and prospects of powerful AI pop up. But nothing starts from nowhere, at the most rudimentary level, NLP is simply a collection of tools for processing textual data to makes them clean and more uniform. Let’s begin!

Text Cleaning

Improving lowest common ancestor algorithms with disjoint set off-line.

Tarjan’s Off-line Lowest Common Ancestor Algorithm is an interesting application of the disjoint set structure for optimizing the performance of determining the lowest common ancestor(LCA) of two nodes within a tree, which also involves concepts such as caching and recursion. …

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